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  • Turnkey Installation

  • Certified Electricians & Plumbers

  • Permitting When Required

  • Maintenance & Service After Install

  • Installation in 90-120 Days

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  • Turnkey Installation

  • State Certified Electricians & Plumbers

  • Permitting As Required

  • Code Compliant Design and Installation

  • Copper Wire (never aluminum)

One Call, That's All

Generator Installation

At Generator Supercenter of The Triangle, we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. One key way we do this is through our turnkey installations. Because our employees have years of experience, they have implemented designs and strategies to install generators seamless and effortlessly. 

By focusing solely on generators, we have created proven installation methods. We can rebuild electrical services, reroute natural gas plumbing, and diagnose a customer’s power needs quickly and accurately.

Our turnkey installation allows us to install generators faster than ever.

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As the largest generator provider in North America, we have the resources and skills needed for quality generator services. We’ve installed over 10,000 generators and look forward to installing many more! Additionally, our skilled professionals can come to your home or business and determine your power needs, thus allowing you to make an informed decision.

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Turnkey Install & Service

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